Sourcing a Criminal Attorney

When you are facing a criminal charge, the first thing to do is to seek the help of a criminal lawyer. You could ask for a recommendation from your family or friend. If none, you could look on the net or even local newspapers for criminal lawyers that could help you with your case.

If you are charged with a criminal offense then you will need the services of a criminal attorney to help you build a defense case and argue it in court. Aside from this, your attorney can help to get you bail, represent you at the pre-trial hearing and offer advice and support throughout your case. If you have previous criminal convictions then you may wish to use the same criminal attorney as in the past. If this is the first offense then you will need to source an attorney yourself to represent you.

A good first step into finding a criminal attorney is to ask around family and friends for personal recommendations. They are the people who will be most likely to be able to recommend who meets your needs and it always worth following up on recommendations from past clients. 

The internet provides a wealth of websites that can put you in touch with attorneys in your local area. Legal directory sites will list the contact details and often profiles of lawyers working in your state. You will need to perform a simple search by entering your zip code and case type and you will be returned with a list of lawyers in your area matching your requirements. Some sites offer more information than others and not every lawyer will be on every site, so it is worth doing some research with two or three.

Check out local newspapers, printed media and paper-based directories for adverts from attorneys in your area. Whilst these adverts may not give away much information, there may be website addresses included so you can check them out further. None the less a quick phone call can help you decide if you should consult with them further. Another option is to ask for a referral from the local bar association. You are under no obligation to hire the lawyer they put you in touch with, but do be aware that if you do you may have to pay the bar association a referral fee.

Finally, you need to bear in mind that not every criminal attorney will deal with every type of criminal case, so you need to be sure you meet with those who specialize in your type of case. Make a shortlist of four or five to consult with before deciding on whom to hire.

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Benefits of Hiring Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

Most of the people think that they don’t need an attorney but you might need if you are accused of any crime. Instead of trying to sort out yourself, you need to hire a talented Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tampa to help you in this bad situation. Although, some individuals may not think you want an attorney, you’d rather be safe than sorry. Hiring the Florida attorney has many advantages. Find below:

1. Experience

         If you are in a tough scenario with the legal system, then having the right representation is very important. For example, if you are charged with any crime, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to assist your case. And when looking for one, you need to make sure that the lawyer has the right experience of dealing with such crime cases. As there are many attorneys available, it doesn’t mean they all are skilled in the area of law that you need them to be skilled in so, no need to be stressed because the Florida criminal lawyers have the experience and skills to defend you and also to guide and help you.

2. Your peace of mind

         Having peace of mind in anything is very good. In addition to experience, hiring the Florida attorney should give you peace of mind. There’s a lot that goes on when you’re trying to clear your name. It would be good to hire the right Florida attorney who knows how to represent your case and to get your life back instead of trying to figure out things by your own. Many people are out there who try to represent themselves, but in order to get off the hook, you need to hire a skilled attorney who can represent you so that you would be able to sleep without tension at night.

3. Saving you money

         You need to spend money, if you are going to court to settle an issue, dispute or accusation. If you are representing yourself in the court, you will have to spend more money than you may have imagined. On the other side, an expert Florida criminal lawyer is well aware of just what is and isn’t necessary for the case. But as you would be representing your case, you will be paying to people or paying for stuff you simply don’t need or things that won’t help you in your case. In order to save money and having peace of mind, you should hire a skilled Florida  attorney.

4. Save your time

         The process of getting your name clear takes a lot of time. The process includes lots of components and the details may appear to be endless. Being assisted by a reputable Florida criminal lawyer, you don’t have to waste your time on such things that won’t help you in winning your case. Instead, you need to focus on important aspects that can help you in clearing your name in the quickest way. Paying proper time to significant things and then meeting your attorney and going to court will let you know about what is important and how you are saving your time by putting your efforts on right side.

Appointing a Florida Criminal Attorney

Anyone being charged with criminal charges has the right to have a court appointed attorney if he or she cannot afford to hire a private criminal attorney. But be sure that the attorney to be hired can defend you to criminal charges that you are facing.

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         For many who are facing criminal charges, hiring a private Florida criminal attorney is simply not an option, usually because of their financial situation. However, you have the right under the US Constitution to a court appointed attorney to represent you throughout the case. Although you do also have the right to represent yourself, you must be able to prove to the judge presiding over your trial that you have legal knowledge and ability to do this adequately, see Musca Law.

         It is worth noting that by hiring a private Florida criminal attorney your chances of success in court are only marginally higher than if you have a court appointed attorney representing you. No matter how you are represented, you should make yourself aware of the benefits of having an attorney representing you:

  • Communicating with court officials and other personnel who may otherwise refuse to talk you if you were to represent yourself
  • Negotiate on your behalf the possibility of pre-trial programs
  • Offer you advice and support about the nature of the charges you are facing, the law as it applies in your case and the potential penalties if convicted
  • Build your defense case based on all available evidence, witness and expert testimony, past case precedents and applicable law
  • Present your defense case in court to include cross examination of prosecution witnesses, as well as interviewing defense witnesses

         If you do choose to go down the route of self-representation then you will need to be able to do all of the above yourself. This entails research and education on state and federal laws, knowing how to present your case in court, find witnesses and obtain details of all the evidence in your case. Even if you successfully achieve all of this, there is still a strong chance that the judge in your trial will over-rule your right to self-representation on the grounds that you cannot adequately defend yourself in the eyes of the law.

         When it comes to finding a Florida criminal attorney you must remember that you should hire someone who practices within the state in which the crime was committed and in which the case will be heard. You also need to bear in mind that not all attorneys will deal in the criminal charges specific to your case so you need to look for an attorney who does. Criminal attorney’s work under different practices; some will be sole practitioners whilst others will work within a large firm of partners.

         Choosing the right attorney for you can depend upon many factors including their experience in your type of case, their current workload, the specifics of your case and of course, their fees. But when you do make a choice about who to hire, it should be based on choosing an attorney with whom you feel comfortable working with and with whom you feel you will be able to establish a lawyer-client relationship.

Advantages of Hiring Florida Criminal Lawyer

No one wants to endure all the emotional stress that’s involved when you’re accused of a crime. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire the Florida criminal lawyer.

         Even though you may think you would never need an attorney, there could be a situation where you find yourself accused of a crime. Instead of trying figure things out by yourself, you could hire a skilled Florida criminal lawyer to help guide you through this horrible ordeal. Although, some people may not think you need an attorney, you’d rather be safe than sorry. There are numerous advantages to hiring this type of attorney. Explore them below.


         When in a tough situation with the legal system, it’s essential that you have the right representation. For instance, if you’ve been convicted of a crime, you need a good Florida criminal lawyer to take care of the case for you. And when looking for one, you want him or her to have the right expertise when dealing with such cases. While many people can be attorneys, it doesn’t mean they are experienced in the area of law that you need them to be experienced in. So do your research and make sure the criminal lawyer you hire has the expertise you need.

Peace of mind

         In addition to expertise, it’s good to hire the right attorney simply to give you peace of mind. There’s a lot that goes on when you’re trying to clear you name. That’s why instead of trying to figure things out on your own, it’s a good idea to find the right attorney that will know just what to do so that you can get your life back. There are some people who choose to represent themselves, but if you want to make sure you will get off the hook, take the time to hire the right attorney so you can sleep easier at night.

Save money

         If you have to go to court to help settle an issue, dispute or accusation, you’re going to have to spend money. Now if you decide to go through the situation on your own, you will end up spending more money than you may have imagined. That’s because a good Florida criminal lawyer knows just what is and isn’t necessary. Yet if you try to handle your case yourself, you may end up paying people or paying for things you simply don’t need or things that won’t help your case. So to help give you peace of mind as well save you money, hire an experienced attorney.

Save time

         Being in a situation that requires you to clear your name can be a long, and drawn-out process. There are many factors involved and the details may seem to be endless. By getting a reputable criminal lawyer to represent you, you don’t have to waste time on certain things that will not help you win your case. Instead, you can focus on the most important issues that will help you clear your name in the quickest manner possible. This way, you’ll know that when you meet with your attorney and go to court, it’s because it’s necessary and not simply something that wastes your time. 

6 Reasons You Need One Florida Criminal Attorney

As an upstanding citizen, you never want to be accused of a crime. Yet, there may come a time when you find yourself in hot water and need a Florida criminal attorney.

Whether it’s your first of fifth offense, breaking the law can result in some serious consequences. Even though you may not have gone into a situation purposely thinking you’d do something wrong, you may end up in some trouble all the same. If you do, then it’s best to get some legal representation fast. It doesn’t matter if you think you can handle issues on your own, contacting a Florida criminal attorney is the absolute best decision. Explore why you need one today.

Got caught stealing:

Everyone knows they cannot take things that don’t belong to them. Yet for some reason or another, so many people get caught stealing at some point in time. You may not think it’s a big deal to take something that doesn’t belong to you, but that’s simply not the case. When you’re charged with theft, it’s a serious issue that can put you in jail. A Florida criminal attorney can help you clear you name.

Participating in white-collar felonies:

Stealing from people’s life savings such as a 401K, IRA or some other type of account is plain wrong. Yet so many people are involved in scams that focus particularly on robbing hard-working people out of their cash. If you are involved in such a scam and get caught, then you’ll need legal help immediately.

Accused of murder:

It simply doesn’t matter if you did the crime or not. If you are accused of murder, your entire life is at stake. A skilled Florida criminal attorney is the only person that can give you any hope of walking away a free man. That’s because there’s simply no way you’ll be able to talk your way out of such a serious accusation, so it’s best to get an experienced legal pro on your side fast.

Driving while under the influence:

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. Yet so many people still do it today. If you’re caught driving while under the influence, you may just get a ticket. However, if you kill someone or do serious damage to a property, you are in really hot water and will need a skilled lawyer.

Accused of arson:

Deliberately trying to burn someone’s property down is a red flag that you’re trying to cover something up. Regardless of the situation, you’ll need a Florida criminal attorney to help you if you’re accused of arson.

Involved in an altercation:

Going out and getting into a fight can result in serious charges such as assault. Regardless of whose fault it is, you could have an assault on your record, which will affect you for many years. If you find yourself in a situation where you need some legal assistance , contact the experienced Florida lawyer today.